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Ins/Mark of America, a BENEFITS PARTNER of TEXAS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and a MEMBERS SERVICES PARTNER of LOUISIANA REALTORS® is now providing an online opportunity for the members of TAR and LR, their employees and the families of both, the ability to obtain Term Life Insurance Quotes in the privacy of their own home or office. The following reasons are offered to encourage you to get your quotes now!

  • Term Life Insurance premiums are at the lowest cost in the history of Life Insurance.
  • A class rating chart is provided in order for you to accurately get the correct premium rate cost for the amount of coverage you want or need.
  • All companies surveyed are highly rated Life Insurance Companies and the quotes are ranked by the lowest cost offered.
  • No one will contact you until you make a decision to move forward. At the time you choose, a well qualified, licensed and courteous representative will be available to answer your questions and assist you.

You can receive your free quote here, where you will determine your class rating and your premium cost for the amount of selected coverage. All quotes are based on annual premiums and other modes of premium are available after a company selection is made.

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